Another great day last week at Jefferson County Sportsmans Association. Molly, Y staff and mother of an After the Bell kid, took these photos. We’re really getting the hang of things out there, and each day the shooters are improving.


This day at Finn River was so much fun! We each planted two little trees to increase the salmon habitat along Chimacum Creek.  Thanks to Larry of NOSC for the great day.


We started guitar lessons two weeks ago, with instructor Ahren Howard. Tanner’s really trying to learn the riff from “Sunshine of your love” by Cream.

On Monday for Lego Robotics we made trebuchet, medieval catapult-like launching devices. We had a lot of fun, thanks Stewart!b7617024-7a00-4dd4-b8d3-946e988c866bwallpaper


Last week we made some real tasty blueberry and banana muffins, and Molly(Y staff) took these great photos. Thanks always to the Chimacum Corner Farmstand for the ingredients!




We built some robot snowmobiles and tested them out on Rilee’s testing court she put together. I was happy to see so much creativity and problem solving happening this day.


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I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, there is a Coho salmon in it that we spotted last week in Chimacum Creek next to the school. After having spent so much time learning about salmon from Larry and NOSC, we’re real excited to be able to see them up close.